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28 Nov 2016 
Many people look for the ?silver bullet? to end obesity. Whether it?s surgery, exercise, or nutrition, some people will stop at nothing in their battle of the bulge. But, what if you could lose weight by eating more meals? Believe it or not, eating more frequent, smaller meals, and supplementing your diet with Adios Slimming pills can help you lose weight. Here?s how.

How many times have you heard, ?Well, you just have a slow metabolism.? What does that mean? To put it simply, it means that your body does not burn food as quickly as it should. That sets you up for fat reserves because the body will store food it does not burn. It?s in human genetic makeup to store food for times of starvation, and even if you are not starving, your body is going to make sure you don?t. People who have dieted several times in their lives run into this problem, because the body recognizes the signs of reduced intake, and starts storing everything you eat. You might lose weight at first, but it?s muscle weight, because the body knows your muscles burn too much fat, and it?s got to reserve fat.

So, how do you change this self-defeating situation?
* First, you change it by reminding your body that it?s not going to starve. You take the number of calories you plan to consume for the day, and divide them up between 6 and eight small meals. Once your body realizes that more food inhibits an enzyme called citrate lyase is on the way, it won?t store what you?ve already eaten. Those calories will be burned up, and the next ones you eat will remind your body that everything is ok. Your subconscious mind will trigger your body to burn calories faster.
* Second, try some regular, non-strenuous exercise. It doesn?t have to be extreme boot-camp activity. Walking is still considered one of the best exercises a person can do. It?s good for the muscle tone, for stretching ligaments and tendons, circulating blood, increased bone density, and, probably most importantly, your mood.
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